Entertainment Enhancements

Your ceremony location is stunning but . . .

1. How will people hear you exchange your vows?
2. Who provides the wireless microphones?
3. Who starts the music right on cue?

Our wedding ceremony option is designed to provide quality amplification appropriate to the number of guests. It includes wireless microphones for the officient and groom, and wireless hand-held mics (and stands if needed) for any presenters, vocalists or musicians.

We can also provide the music of your choice for the prelude, processional, interlude and recessional. Our sound system is discretely set-up behind your guests, and is run by a DJ operator.

If your cocktail hour is being held in a location separate from your reception, we can provide quality amplification and excellent background music at a level that is conducive to easy conversation while people socialize and reunite. Music during cocktail hour is a must if you wish for your guests to be entertained right from the start of your event.

This is a sentimental and heart-warming way to celebrate your First Dance as husband and wife. Prior to your wedding, the bride and groom separately record short messages of their love for and pledge to each other. These are edited to perfection and blended into your chosen First Dance song. As the wedded couple dance together, it will be the first time everyone (including the bride and groom) hears how you feel about each other. There won’t be a dry eye in the house!

Custom recordings can be made for the Father & Daughter Dance, the Mother & Son Dance, and special relatives and friends who cannot be in attendance at your reception.

We have used our magic lasso to capture Cloud 9 just in time for your first dance together as newlyweds. Imagine the breathtaking experience for you as you dance and for your guests as they watch you dancing on a cloud together. Our special low-lying dense fog drifts closely to the floor. This is heavenly sight to behold, and an incredible photo opp for your special day.

A lighting “T” bar is set-up with multiple colored and laser lights, all pointing toward the dance floor. During high-energy songs the lights blink and the patterns criss-cross the dance floor. This Entertainment Enhancement truly ups the “PARTY” factor at your event.

Talk about having a blast at your event...A streamer launcher adds pizzazz to the most elegant of occasions. Colorful paper streamers come raining down from high above during a V.I.P. introduction, and then again later on when the dance floor is packed during a high-energy song. Streamers add to the "WOW" factor at any type of function.

We take the photographs of your choosing (prints and digital files), and weave them together into a custom video montage complete with titles, graphics, transitions, and your favorite music. Photos can include the celebrant(s) growing up as well as family and friends. The completed production is 5 to 10 minutes long, and includes photo cropping, editing and color correction.

This informative and moving presentation can be shown just before your Grand Entrance or during dessert. We’ll give you 2 copies of your completed production on DVD, and return all of your original photos in pristine condition. Your guests will be fully engaged watching this emotional and memorable production starring you! One or two 50″ plasma screens are available. They are connected to the DJ’s sound system.

A professional videographer shoots footage of all the activities at your wedding, party or event. The exciting part is, everyone instantly gets to see themselves, others, and all of the action as it is happening. A live simulcast adds to the fun as your best man decides to lead the conga line, and the camcorder zooms in to catch your guests joining him and dancing their way around the room. This is an important option for large functions where not all guests have good visibility. One or two 50" plasma screens are available. They are connected to the DJ's sound system.

Say cheese! A photobooth is a fun and interactive experience for your guests. Step right in and pose for multiple shots then retrieve your strip of printed photos outside the booth! Use the props we provide and let the hilarity ensue.

Whether you call it decor lighting or Lightscaping, Up-lighting will enhance the atmosphere of your banquet room. We will match any color you have so in the beginning of the night your room will fit your theme. And when the party gets going, our uplighting can pulsate to the beat to add even more energy to the room.

You ask what is a gobo? Simply put, a piece of metal or glass, which fits into a professional DJ light and projects a pattern onto a wall, ceiling or dance floor. What a unique way to make your special day memorable with your initials as a couple!

Static spotlights to project a soft focused beam of light on a special area such as the Cake Table, Sweetheart Table, or any area needed to be illuminated.